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Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain or resin bonded to the surface of the teeth for the purpose of cosmetic alteration. Also known as laminates, veneers provide a brilliantly white smile that is symmetrical and proportionate to each patient’s face. Veneers may be used to repair a single chipped or misshapen tooth, or they may be employed to completely transform a patient’s smile. Although dental veneers can change the shape, size and color of the teeth, they are considered to be a relatively conservative way of cosmetically enhancing one’s smile.

Did you know…

that dental veneers are highly durable and can provide a gleaming white smile for many years? Their unique composition is highly resistant to staining and fractures, allowing many patients to wear their veneers for up to two or three decades before needing replacements. If you decide that veneers are right for you, you’ll be in good company. Stars like Julia Roberts, Jessica Simpson, and Penelope Cruz have all made visits to cosmetic dentists for smile-changing veneers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for dental veneers in Glendale?

You may be a candidate for dental veneers if you are searching for a highly effective way of transforming the appearance of your smile. To find out more about veneers and whether they are right for you, contact your dentist for a consultation.

What should I expect when I visit my Glendale dentist for new veneers?

You’ll first visit with your dentist to discuss your cosmetic goals for whitening, shaping, and sizing your teeth. You’ll then have the surface of your teeth reduced to prepare them to be bonded to your new veneers. An impression will be made of your teeth and sent to a dental lab where technicians will go to work fabricating your new smile. While you wait, your dentist may place temporary veneers on your teeth. You’ll eventually return to your dentist to have your veneers bonded to the surface of your tooth. From start to finish, the process of getting veneers usually takes just a few weeks.

Will I need to follow any special instructions to care for my new Glendale veneers?

You may experience some tooth sensitivity after having your teeth reduced in preparation for veneers. Your dentist will give you instructions for managing post-treatment discomfort and protecting your natural teeth while your veneers are being fabricated. Once you have your new veneers, you must remember that while they are very strong and durable – they can break. So avoid chewing hard foods like candies and ice, and take care to protect them with a bite guard if you suffer from night grinding or participate in any high-impact activities..

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