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DU VENEERS Lava TM (layered with Vita VM9 porcelain)
Esential Zirconium (layered with Vita VM9 porcelain)
e. Max ZirPress (press over zirconia, staining technique)
e. Max Zirpress (press over zirconia, layer technique)
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rencontre en ligne amitié ULTRA THIN VENEERS
Ultra Thin Veneers can be fabricated with either: e.max® press and micro-layered, or a feldspathic layered technique.

go to link IPS e.Max® (pressed layer technique)
IPS e.Max® (pressed staining technique)
IPS Empress® Esthetic (layer technique)
IPS Empress® Esthetic (staining technique)
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ESTHETIC RESTORATIONS Alternative to PFM, crowns, and bridges

femme recherche femme pour b1• Precision fit – Smiles by Dmitriytm
• Proven strength – Anterior Pressed to LAVA
• Natural esthetics – Posterior Ziconia

click b2• Delivers strong and beautiful results – Smiles by Dmitriytm
• Conventional Cementation – Anterior Pressed to Procera
• Wide range of products in zirconia, alumina & titanium – Posterior Procera Zirconia

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• Posterior crowns, bridges: an outstanding solution for bruxers & grinders b4• Esthetics with greater translucency – Smiles by Dmitriytm
• Staining or layered technique are available – Anterior Layered
• Enhanced for an even more natural look – Posterior Layered & Full Monolithic


click IPS Empress Inlay/Onlay
e.max Lithium Disilicate Inlay/Onlay COMPOSITE MATERIAL

Sculpture Plus Anterior Crown
Posterior Crown

examples of what to say in your dating profile CAM (COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACUREING)




ALLIN1 Abutment and Crowns

Includes lab analog, soft tissue model, labor, seating jig custom abutment, cementable crown and clinical screw. Restorations with custom titanium abutment includes porcelain fused to metal crown. Precious alloys are not included.



ALLIN1 Zirconia Abutment (Zirconia Crown Included)

ALLIN1 Zirconia Abutment with Titanium Base (Zirconia Crown Included)
ALLIN1 Titanium Abutment (PFM Included)
ALLIN1 eMax Abutment (eMax Crown Included)

ALLIN1 Screw Retained Restorations


Includes abutment, soft tissue model, labor, lab analog, clinical screw, and ceramic work.




Screw-Retained Implant Level Crowns


Screw Retained Crown
Solid Zirconia Screw Retained Crown
Layered Zirconia Screw Retained Crown
Solid eMax Screw Retained Crown
Telio Temp Screw Retained Crown

ALLIN1 Denture Over Implant Bars

ALLIN1 Denture Over Hader Bar

denture over Hader Bare

Includes:Titanium Hader Bar, Analogs, Soft Tissue Model, Labor, Bite Blocks, Verification Jig, Denture Re-Inforcement Framework, Premium Denture, Premium Denture Teeth, Clinical Screws, Two Hader
Bar Clips, and Final Completion.


ALLIN1 Denture Over Locator Bar

Denture over locatore-Bar

Includes:Titanium Bar, Analogs, Soft Tissue Model, Labor, Bite Blocks, Verification Jig, Denture Re-Inforcement Framework, Premium Denture, Premium Denture Teeth, Three Locators,
Three Locator Attachments, Clinical Screws, and Final Completion.


ALLIN1 Hybrid Denture

Hybryd Denture

Includes: Titanium Substructure, Analogs, Soft Tissue Model, Labor, Bite Blocks, Verification Jig, Premium Denture Teeth, Silicoating, Clinical Screws, and Final Completion.




Full contour-designed zirconia with a high precision fit and stained in the highest artistic level of natural-looking teeth.
Includes: Lab Analogs, Soft Tissue Model, Labor, Bite Blocks, Verification Jig, Preliminary Set-Up, Zirconia Structure, Telio Temp Provisionals, Clinical Screws, and Pink Tissue Porcelain.


Zirconia substructure designed and milled with high precision and completed with high-end porcelain artwork.
Includes: Lab Analogs, Soft Tissue Model, Labor, Bite Blocks, Verification Jig, Preliminary Set-Up, Zirconia Structure, Telio Temp Provisionals, Clinical Screws, and Pink Tissue Porcelain.


Zirconia substructure designed and milled as an individually prepped tooth for future single crowns, such as Zirconia, eMax, IPSEsthethic, PFM, and Composite.
Includes: Lab Analogs, Soft Tissue Model, Labor, Bite Blocks, Verification Jig, Preliminary Set-Up, Zirconia Structure, Telio Temp Provisionals, Clinical Screws, Pink Tissue Porcelain and Crowns of Your Choice.

Prettau+Bridge. Full Conture ZirconiaZirconia Substructure with Individual CrownesZirconium-bridge


Procera Abutments:


Atlantis Abutments:

Titanium Gold Hue
eMax Custom Abutment
Cast Custom Abutment (plus parts and alloy)

Stock Abutment Milling Service


Crowns Over Abutments

Zirconia Monolithic (Bruxir) Staining Technique
Zirconia Layered
eMax Monolithic Staining Technique
eMax Layered
PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) (plus parts and alloy)
UCLA Screw Retained Crown (plus parts and alloy)

Implant Supported Provisionals

Telio-temp Cement Retained
Telio-temp Screw Retained (plus parts)
Essix Appliance

Implant Supported Dentures, Bars and Substructures

Denture Fabrication for Hybrid Bars (plus parts, teeth and attachment process)
Denture Over Bar (plus parts, teeth and attachment process)
ALLIN1 Titanium Frames and Bars
Cast Substructures and Bar Frames (per site, plus parts & soft tissue model)

Scan Appliance and Radiographical Guide

Partially Endentulous
Fully Endentulous


Surgical Guides

Pilot Surgical guide (unlimited implants)
Surgical Guide with Sleeves (unlimited implants)
Surgical stint

Additional Implant Service

Soft Tissue Model
Verification Gig (per implant site)
Abutment Placement Stint
Custom Tray (perforated open or closed tray)
Pink Tissue Porcelain

Procera (PIB) CAD/CAM

Zirconia PIB
Titanium PIB
Titanium PIB C&B
Prices are per final tooth unit

Aesthtic Metal-Based RESTORATIONS

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain Fused to Semi-Precious/Nobel (Anteriors)
Porcelain Fused to Semi-Precious/Nobel (Posteriors)
Porcelain Fused to Precious/High Nobel (Anteriors)
Porcelain Fused to Precious/High Nobel (Posteriors)
Porcelain Fused to Non-Precious (Anteriors)
Porcelain Fused to Non-Precious (Posteriors)

Smiles by Dmitriy

Maryland Bridge, 1 Pontic 2 Wings
Additional Pontic
Additional Wing
Porcelain Facial Margin
Porcelain Margin
Pink Tissue Porcelain (per unit)
Metal Lingual Surface
Metal Occlusal Surface
Metal Rest

Aesthtic Metal-Based RESTORATIONS

Full Metal Restorations

Semi-Precious Crown, Inlay/Onlay
Yellow Precious Crown, Inlay/Onlay
Non-Precious Crown, Inlay/Onlay

Special Services

Custom Shade and Glaze (In Lab)
Custom Shade and Glaze (At Doctor Clinic)
Diagnostic Wax-Up (Multi-Colored Layer, Per unit)
Includes: Prepared Tooth Model, Matrix and Preporation Guide
***Rush Fee (Per Unit)
(One-day single crown service is available, please call for more details)

TELIO® Temps

Telio temp is a comprehensive, fully integrated product system for temporary restorations designed to fab- ricate high-end provisionals for laboratories, dentists and CAD/CAM users. All Telio materials are ideal for the manufacture of conventional and implant-borne temporaries. The materials are compatible with each other and their shades are optimally coordinated.

Telio Temp (per unit)
Telio Temp Cement Retained Over Implant Abutment
TelioTemp ScrewRetained

Telio Temp Special Optionst--michel_press-multi_bearbeitet

Reinforcement Wire (per segment)
Telio Temp Over Cast Metal
Telio Temp Fiber Reinforcement (per segment)

Artistic Diagnostic Wax-Up (Per Unit)
At Dmitriy’s Dental Studios, we take every measure to ensure that our diagnostic wax-up is a very impor- tant step to achieve maximum results in a final restoration. Multi-colored layering technique,Telio Temp
which is masterfully carved, it’s a standard option for a final successful product.




Full Premium

IvoCap Denture (Teeth Not Included)
Includes: Bite Block, Set-Up, and Process.

Denture Teeth

Phonares Anteriors (Nano Hybrid Composite)
Posterior-(Nano Hybrid Composite)
NHC teeth are preision crafter with revolutionary Nano Hybrid Composite. The NHC material i ncorporates inorganic Nano fillers that deliver exceptional wear-resistance, esthetics and shade stability.
BlueLine Anteriors
BlueLine Posterios
BlueLine teeth represent one of the most esthetic and wear resistant teeth on the market today. Vivadent DCL Anteriors
Vivadent DCL Posteriors
This unique denture teeth are made out of DCL-double cross-linked acrylic, the highest wear resistant material available. Vivadent DCL embodies the special needs of partials while meeting the highest standards of modern deture prosthetics.


Vitallium Partials


Partial Denture Complete, plus teeth
Unilateral Partial Denture
Vitallium Frame Only



Flexible Partialsth_134424

Valplast Partial
Valplast Unilateral
Valplast or Clear Clasp
Valplast – Vitallium Combo

Night Guards and Splintsimages

Soft Night Guard
Hard Night Guard
Hard & Soft Night Guard
Talon Splint
EMA Anti-snoring Device

Additional Removable Services


Additional Tooth
Basic Repair
Bite Blocks
Bleaching Tray


Additional Removable Services

Charge for Immediate
(Model Preparation for Immediate)
Custom Tray
Customer Tray Perforated
Dowel & Dimple
Essix Appliance
Gingival Mask Hard
Gingival Mask Soft
Hader Bar Clip Process
Immediate Denture
(Acrylic Partial – 4 Teeth or More, teeth/clasps not included)

Additional Removable Services

Internal Cast Mesh
Internal Wire Mesh Re-Inforcement
Metal Backings and Dummies
Metal Denture Base
P.D. Attachment
Process ERA in Denture
Reline Hard
Reline Soft
Stayplate (4 Teeth or Less)
Wire Clasp