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Thank you for your interest in our dental lab. If you are in the business of creating beautiful, healthy smiles, we can help you deliver impeccable results. We provide quality dental products and exceptional service from our highly equipped dental laboratory. Our lab is equipped with the latest in cutting edge dental technology, and it is staffed with a world class team of highly trained dental technicians. Our restorations and appliances are not only economical, but they also supersede the status quo in modern dentistry.
When you partner with our dental lab, you can trust that you are receiving precision and excellence with each order. All of our restorations and appliances are thoroughly examined for quality assurance during each production phase. We want to be sure that every product you deliver to your patients is accurate, complete, functional, comfortably fit, and a picture-perfect final result.

Our lab is constantly acquiring new equipment, materials and technology to help us carry out our commitment to providing specialized service that is second to none. Our skills and capabilities are constantly evolving to meet the growing demand for high-end results and expedient turnaround times. It is our promise to you that we will continue to invest in state of the art technologies that will help us deliver durability and competitive prices without aesthetic compromise.

We know that you have a choice in dental laboratories, and we want to personally thank you for choosing us. For more information about our office or to speak with one of our helpful staff members, we invite you to contact us at any time.